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I love to shop alot which leads to having lots of clothes in my wardrobe. Therefore, I want to clear some clothes.
I don't scam, no worries


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Name: XXX
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Payment: Tiong Bahru Plaza Mrt
Collection: Tiong Bahru Plaza Mrt

Terms, Conditions

No deadbuyers or MIAs
Please don't backup last minute
Do pay money before collecting items
$1 charged for being 10minutes late
Picture may look abit different in actual
Not responsible for any damage in items
Only meetups for payment/collections


Tiong Bahru Plaza MRT Station:)

Green line
Boonlay to Jurong East ($1.50)
Clementi to Cityhall ($1)
Bugis to Pasir Ris ($2)
Purple line, Red line
(Not doing any red or purple line)


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 7:13 AM
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NF Shorts:)

Selling each at $18, 3 or more for $17 each.
For size 30 - 34, there will be a $2 extra charge.

Colours available: Black, Beige, White, Grey, Red, Yellow, Electric blue, Turquiose, Dark green, Lime green, Dark purple, Light purple, Orange

13 inch-25
13.5 inch-26
14 inch-27
14.5 inch-28
15 inch-29
15.5 inch-30
16 inch-31
16.5 inch-32
17 inch-33
17.5 inch-34

Brand will change to YG if NF is OOS. YG and NF are the same:)

Orders: 1/5
Apple - 1 White NF Shorts, size 30 ($20)

6:15 AM
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Vintage tees:)

No sizes, all are freesize.

Cookie Monster/Elmo tee
Colours available: Red, White, Grey

Heineken/Starbucks/Smuf/Smurfetter tee
Colours available: Purple, Grey, Green, Brown, Red

Superman/Batman tee
Colours available: Red, Green, Purple, Brown, White

I♥ My Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Ex-Boyfriend/Shopping tee
Colours available: Blue, Brown, White, Purple, Yellow, Black, Light pink, Hot pink

Little Miss tee
Colours available: Black, Pink
Pink tee: Curious/Bad/Giggles/Sunshine/Twins/Chatterbox/Shy/Naughty/Stubborn
Black tee: Twins/Sunshine/Stubborn/Chatterbox/Naughty/Bad/Shy/Whoops

Selling each tee at $12 each.
If you're buying 4 tees and more, $10.50 each. (Share with friends)

Orders: /8

4:08 AM
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Plain hoodies:)

Plain white hoodies

Colours available: White/Yellow/Green/ Peach pink/Bright red/Navy blue
Selling it at $19.50 each, buy 3 for $18.50 each:)

Heart shape hoodies:)

Colours available: White/Gray
Selling it at $20.50 each, buy 3 for $19 each.

Crapping orders: /5

Please do come and support >:D
(Credit pictures: c-osmetics.blogspot)

Thursday, June 19, 2008, 5:37 AM
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Instock Items, :) ♥♥

Available in both Yellow and White.
Selling it at $13 each (Inclusive of normal postage)

Available in Beige.
Selling it at $15!

I'm helping my friend to sell this, as it's too small.
Selling the Madras thong sandal in pink, size5:)
Letting go at $20.

Email to for more informations:)